Excellence In Teaching

Program Fees

Earn while you learn! You can earn a teacher’s salary while you successfully complete EIT® Program requirements.

EIT® Program Fees (Excludes resources and materials)

Application Process Fee: Required to start the application process
(100% donated to Teach The Children)
Up Front Fee: Due in full after notification of selection into EIT®– Required to reserve seat in the next cohort$400.00
Instruction Fee$2,400.00
Internship Fee$2,000.00
Total Program Cost$4,850.00

State Fees

Probationary Certificate: Required to begin teaching as a full-time teacher of record {Paid to SBEC}$52.00
Criminal History Verification & Fingerprint Process Fee: FAST
(Fingerprint Applicant Service of Texas) {Paid to SBEC}
Fingerprinting Fee: Digital capture of your fingerprints which reduces rejection rate. This process is quicker and of higher quality {Paid to L-1 Identity Solutions}$9.95
TExES Exam Fee: Per exam {Paid to ETS}$120.00
Standard Certificate: {Paid to SBEC}$77.00
Total State Fees$421.00


Acceptance into and/or participation in the EIT® Program does not guarantee successful completion of the program, certification, and/or future employment. Any balance(s) owed to EIT® must be paid in full on or before due date, or a LATE FEE will be assessed, and EXITING PROCEDURES MAY BEGIN.