Excellence In Teaching

Step 4: Certification Commitment

At this appointment, EIT® Teacher Candidates will:

1. Decide which certification area(s) is their best option; and (Note: The coursework will vary depending upon type of certification sought.)

2. Commit to the approved certification area(s); and

3. Commit to an EIT® Program Track; and

4. Sign a contract with the EIT® Program; and

5. Pay in full all fees required at that time

Note: All individuals who are selected into and sign a contract to participate in the EIT® Program are required to:

1. Submit official transcripts, during the time specified by the EIT® Directors, from all universities and colleges attended (to be considered official, transcripts must be in a sealed envelope with an institution seal); and

2. Have access to and know how to use a computer that has internet access as well as a printer; and

3. Provide an active e-mail address and be able to effectively use it; and

4. Pay in full the EIT® Commitment Fee; and

5. Pay in full the EIT® Reservation Fee prior to attending orientation and course sessions

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